The Faculty of Management, Economics & Sciences has created several labs where students, teachers, researchers, office staff, entrepreneurs and managers can meet, brainstorm and create. Our labs are designed to stimulate creativity and innovation!

THE AC’LAB (Academic Lab)


The FGES AC’Lab is an ecosystem for students (Bachelor and Master degrees) and professors in the Digital Sciences sector. Halfway between a hacker and a maker space, it is a place where pedagogical methods evolve.

It is a place of creativity – members organise workshops with professionals, makers sessions or even robot races, and, of course, IT courses!


One story, one team, one room:
one hour to get out!

Based on the concept of Escape Games and Serious Games, the FGES ©LockLab is at the crossroads of pedagogy, research and management 3.0.

Cohesion, mutual aid, reflection, listening and communication are the keys to the success of the game!


HEMiSF4iRE Design School is a collaborative platform of the faculties of the Université Catholique de Lille which stimulates creative agility and helps effective innovation! Inspired by designers, HEMiSF4iRE uses design thinking methods to accompany entrepreneurship, educational innovation, innovation training, creative workshops, research and prospective on innovative ecosystems…

Whether you are a student, teacher-researcher, enterprise or administrative staff member, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Contact : hemisf4ire@univ-catholille.fr


Create, learn, manufacture and share in the largest makerspace in Europe!

Halfway between the Université Catholique de Lille and EuraTechnologies, the TechShop is a dedicated 2,400 m² area where professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, DIY enthusiasts and design enthusiasts can meet, create and share knowledge.

FGES students have access to professional machinery and equipment in various workshops: wood, metal, textiles, electronics, 3D printing, etc. This is enough to enable you to carry out many projects!


A new ecosystem set in a former hangar in the Vauban district, the Creative Campus is a place of co-creation, exhibition, representation and exchange.

Raising students’ awareness of art and implementing its learning is the aim of this project.

Photographers, performers, sculptors, painters, actors… Everybody can create “at home”, alone or collectively.