All Studs Matter Project


Towards a More Inclusive Faculty


« Alls studs matter » is a new project launched with the aim to act for more inclusion of students with disabilities in the Faculty of Management, Economics and Sciences at the Catholic University of Lille.

Several dozens of students with special needs join each year the FGES. In order to make our faculty more inclusive, to remove the obstacles that disability can constitute to academic and professional success, to raise awareness among students and staff about the diversity of our students, and to fully integrate all students in the #FGESfamily ; and with the support of the FGES team, Farouk Allouche, assistant professor and Mission Accueil Handicap officer has launched this project carried by students from different disciplines.

The project is coordinated by Timothé Boulanger, and carried by Maxime Bigo, Pierre Amourous and Abrema Agoua, students in L3 Economics and Finance, with Thomas Ringler, Ameline Rangoulaman and Yoann Brandazzi, students in second year of Life Sciences. The transverse aspect allowed us to associate several associative partners of our faculty to the project, including the BSH, BDE, and BVI in addition to different services of our university namely the office of international relations, the carrier center, the students’ office, the office of students affairs and other services.

The project is structured around 3 main axes: support for students with disabilities, raising awareness among staff and user, and professional inclusion. Throughout the academic year, different activities are proposed including both professional coaching sessions, targeted microwalks, regular communication on social media including interviews, posts and information articles, and the deployment of an awareness game; all of these actions will be concluded by a conference/debate on disability.

ALL STUDS MATTER is an original initiative because of its transverse aspect and the diversity of the actors involved. Follow our news on instagram : @allstudsmatterfges

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