Undergraduate courses

(Bachelor’s level)

Business Administration

Course titleECTSFall Term (F)Spring Term (S)
Business Communication Skills 12x
Business Strategy4x
Comparative Analysis of Business Laws (French-English)2xx
Corporate Finance4x
Corporate Social Responsability4x
Global Geopolitical Risk and Decision-making2x
Globalisation and International Markets5x
Introduction to Business2x
Logistics & E-logistics4x
Management of Creativity & Innovation2x
Risk Theory5x
Advanced Strategic Management & Case Studies5x
Business Communication Skills II2x
Digital Marketing3x
Conflict Management2x
Information Systems2x
Innovation Management2x
Organization Theory2x
Introduction to Human Resources2x
Introduction to Intercultural Management3x
Introduction to Marketing2x
Introduction to Organizational Behavior3x
Investment Appraisal4x
Management & Motivation2x
Marketing Strategy and Planning5x
Risk Management2x
Social Responsibility2x
Time Value of Money2x

Economics & Accounting

Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Financial Accounting2x
Introduction to Anglosaxon Accounting2x
Introduction to Macroeconomics4x
Introduction to Social Economy4x
International Economics5xx
Mathematics Applied to Economy3xx
Elements of Econometrics and use of R3x


Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Molecular Genetics3x

Additional courses

Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Africa and the 21st Century: Resources, Governance, Stability and Growth2x
Democracy in Asia2x
Excel for Data Basis2x
Explaining the Rise of Japan2x
Introduction to Debating2x
Invited Lectures2x
Japan: Word and Gender2x
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills4x
Mode & Design2x
Programa de radio2xx
Racism and Race Relations in America Through Literature2x
Reading Programme2x
Beers and Wines, origin, mythology and business2x
Creative Writing2x
Understanding the World of Work2x
Art – Creation Workshop2x
Conflicts, Mediation: a Peace Studies Approach2x
Debating – News & Current Affairs2x
Examining the Behavior of US Foreign Policy: Contending Theories of International Relations2x
Forecasting the 21st Century: Politics, Business, Technology, Development, Environment & Conflicts2x
From Mao to Xi: Charting the Future of China2x
French Language Courses3xx
Rwanda, Lybia, Syria – The Responsibility to Protect: When to Intervene?2x
Social Business2x
The Rise of Populist Parties and Personalities: the Liberal Order at Risk2x

Graduate courses

(Master’s level)


Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Business Game (Purchase)3x
Business Strategy5x
Doing Business in France3x
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility3x
Intercultural Communication4x
International Human Resources Management3x
International Negotiation3x
International Purchasing3x
Social Entreprise & Entrepreneurship4x
Brand Management4x
Project Management3x
Customer Value Management3x
Risk Management3x
CSR & Integrated Reporting2x
Corporate Social Responsibility3x
Economic Development3x
International Business Development3x
Leadership & Organizational Behavior3x
Logistics – Customs3x
Strategic Partnership2x
Supply Chain Management3x
Supply Chain Management 2 (Quality Management)4x
Sustainable Retail Supply Chain3x

Economics, Finance & Accounting

Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Corporate Finance5x
Cryptocurrencies, Ecosystems & ICOs2x
Ethics & Finance2x
Financial Markets & Investment Decisions5x
International Finance3x
International Financial Accounting2x
Management Accounting4x
Trade Financing2x
Advanced Corporate Finance4x
Derivative Markets4x
Global Economics3x
International Financial Reporting3x
Macroeconomics (with International Finance)5x
Private Equity and Financing Innovation3x


Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Digital Marketing Transformation3x
Innovation Marketing3x
International Marketing3x
Marketing Automation and Reporting3x
Marketing Decision Models3x
Operational Marketing4x
Social Marketing and Communication Campaign3x
Strategic Marketing4x

Additional Courses

Course titleECTSFall term (F)Spring term (S)
Communication for Financial Professionals2x
French Language Courses3xx
Intercultural Communication & Management2xx
Crisis Communication3x
Introduction to Research Methods2xx
Invited Lectures2xx
Leading Project Team3x
Personal Development2x
Reading Programme2xx
Research Methods3x
Topic in Business3x
English and Business Communication2xx
Second Language2xx
Intermediate Excel3x