National diploma in association with the University of Lille
Law, Economics and Management degree, Honours in Economics and Management


For integration into Bachelor 1

Have obtained a diploma equivalent to the French Baccalaureate in country of origin. Very good foundation in mathematics and economics are required.

For integration into Bachelor 2 or 3

Have validated a first or second year of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the following fields: accounting, management, economics, operational trade, marketing technique


To discover the main functions of the Company:

  • Financial Resources Management (Accounting, Cost Management, Budget Control, Corporate Taxation, Investments, etc.)
  • People Management (Introduction to Human Resources Management, Labour Law, Management and Motivation, etc.)
  • Product Management (Marketing, Purchasing & Negotiation, Communication, Logistics, etc.)
  • Business Creation (business game, project methodology, company law, etc.)

Defining economic and legal environments through economics and law courses adapted to future managers.


80% Bachelor year 1
90% Bachelor year 2
97% Bachelor year 3


Bachelor year 1

Semester 1
Fundamental subjects24 credits
Introduction à la Gestion4
Comptabilité financière3
Initiation à la pensée économique2
Analyse économique3
Introduction au Droit2
Théorie des organisations2
Optional courses6


Semester 2 
Fundamental subjects26 credits
Introduction au Marketing4
Introduction à la Gestion des Ressources Humaines4
Monnaie / Banque / Finance4
Droit du travail3
Analyse économique3
Optional courses4

Bachelor year 2

Semester 1 
Fundamental subjects26 credits
Gestion des coûts4
Analyse économique4
Achat et négociation3
Calculs financiers2
Rapport de stage de 1ère année2
Optional courses4


Semester 2 
Fundamental subjects26 credits
Jeu d’entreprise4
Contrôle budgétaire4
International Economics4
Optional courses4

Bachelor year 3

Semester 1 
Fundamental subjects26 credits
Création d’entreprise4
Fiscalité d’entreprise3
Méthodologie de projet3
Management et motivation3
Innovation Management2
Introduction to social economy3
Initiation à la programmation2
Rapport de stage de 2ème année + soutenance2
Optional courses4


Semester 2
Fundamental subjects26 credits
Projet d’initiative4
Analyse financière3
Analyse marketing des données3
Communication d’entreprise3
Décision d’investissement3
Droit des sociétés3
Introduction to e-commerce3
Optional courses4

1 Health Education Unit (Optional)

FGES and the Faculty of Medicine & Midwifery offer the option of a “health” teaching unit in Bachelor 1.

This course is intended for students wishing to enter the second year of Medicine or Midwifery at the Faculty of Medicine & Midwifery.

For this, it is necessary to:

  • validate Bachelor year in the 1st session (without catching up) and validate the 10 ECTS credits associated with subjects in the Health minor
  • submit an application (cover letter, transcripts, etc.) to take the admission tests

More info

Course Materials

  • Term 1 (6 credits): physics/biophysics, chemistry/biochemistry, data and statistics, embryology/histology, anatomy and human & social sciences
  • Term 2 (4 credits): cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, human & social sciences

4 optional courses

1 Internship each year

1st Year of Bachelor’s degree: internship or fixed-term contract, practical mission, minimum of 4 weeks
2nd Year of Bachelor’s degree: internship or fixed-term contract, mission in customer relation, minimum of 4 weeks
3rd Year of Bachelor’s degree: internship or fixed-term contract, mission related to the course of studies, minimum of 6 weeks


After the Degree, our students go on to a Masters Degree in management, accounting, banking management, digital commerce, law and wealth management, management control…

The Management degree is an immersion into the business world thanks to the subjects taught, with a distinct focus on business. The mix of academic and professional teachers is for me one of the strengths of the course. In addition, it offers a large window onto the world by welcoming foreign students and the opportunity to study for one year at a partner university. I went to do my Bachelor 3 at Greenwich University in London.
This course is given in a pleasant university setting, in the heart of Lille and brought to life by various events organised by student associations. The internationally recognised Management degree allowed me to continue my studies in Glasgow, Scotland, where I am doing an MSc in Digital Marketing Management

The Management degree allows you to acquire the skills required in business.
Through “learning by doing” pedagogy, I developed a certain versatility, essential for knowing how to take a step back from decisions and have legitimacy vis-à-vis managers in companies.
It is the entrepreneurial spirit that is transmitted to us that appealed to me the most at the end of these three years. I came with enough schooling. I left with a free spirit, full of ideas for projects and business creation.
Today, I am doing a Masters in Organisation and Human Resources Management from Sciences Po Paris, in order to join the Human Resources department of a large company or to create my own company in this field.