International Management Master’s Program

National degree (in partnership with Lille University) – Master of Science in Economics and Management
Focus on International Economy and Management – Major – Commerce and Management in International Business


For who?

  • Graduates with a bachelor degree in international business, management, economics, accounting, finance, administration, languages or management and others with a minor in management, economics or finance.
  • For a direct entry into M2: 4-year bachelor or Master 1.

Why choose this program?

  • To develop your cultural sensitivity, improve your language skills and be ready to respond to social and economic challenges.
  • To acquire a comprehensive vision and know-how of management and business best practices.
  • To benefit from an effective preparation for your future career (internship and professional training contract)
  • Because achievements in career are determined by a combination of soft, cognitive and technical skills (interdisciplinary and cross programs projects and group work).

Working in a globalized environment requires cultural sensitivity as well as an understanding of local and international operations, management, marketing and other business practices.
If your goal is to become a successful manager and working in a globalized environment, the Master International Management is the best choice you can make.
Our programme offers a comprehensive vision and knowledge of management and business.
It provides an outstanding preparation based on practical and interactive teaching methods that include experience sharing, group projects, business cases, business games and role-plays. Most of the aspects of business are explored including managerial control, business strategy and marketing, operation management, business development, leadership and project management. It is a professional master’s degree focusing on career development in international business.
It offers networking opportunities with classmates from different countries and academic backgrounds and with professionals and experts. Our goal is to provide an innovative environment open to the world and to the society favourable to the acquisition and development of best practices in a responsible fashion.

In international management we offer modules to prepare you to:

  • Assess the external environment of firms
  • Be effective in international careers (as consumers, business developers, supply chain managers, project managers…)
  • Be sensitive to cultural differences
  • Be a team member
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be prepared to face sustainability, social, cultural and ethical challenges

And much more…

Besides strong basis in international management and a real preparation for your future career, you value soft skills training… At our graduate school we believe that achievements in career are determined by a combination of soft, cognitive and technical skills and that the environment in which you study can bring a lot. We seek to offer an innovative and open-ended setting because what you are and how you interact are as important as what you know. With this strong positioning, Faculties of Lille Catholic University foster interdisciplinary and inter-master exchanges through projects.

What makes this program different?

Based in Lille (Northern France) at the crossroad of three European capital cities
Fully taught in English
Innovative environment open to the world : foreign classmates and
Professors + Professionals
Double degree with one year abroad
20 students + exchange students = interactive courses

83% of 2019 graduates are active within 6 months
17% of 2019 graduates are still studying or looking for a job within 6 months


The courses and credits presented are likely to evolve without calling into question the essential content and orientations of the master’s program.

Master 1

Courses from September to March. Internship from April to August

UE : Monitoring and reporting
Management accounting
Corporate finance
Social enterprise and entrepreneurship
UE : Reflexion and strategy
International marketing
Business strategy
UE : Appropriate communication
Intercultural communication & management
English and business communication
Second language
UE : Managerial culture
Business game / ERP SIM business game with SAP interface
Inter-programmes projets
UE : Professional expertise and research
Introduction to research methods
Personal development
UE : Monitoring and reporting
International financial reporting
CSR and integrated reporting
UE : Business environment
Macroeconomics (with international finance)
Economic development
UE : International reflection and management
Global economics
Supply chain management
UE : Appropriate communication
English and business communication
Second language
UE : Professional expertise and research
Intermediate excel
Inter-programmes projects
Introduction to research methods
Internship period

Master 2

Courses/Part time work from September to June. Full time work from July-August.

UE : International management operations
International purchasing
Trade financing
International negotiation
Business game (purchase)
UE : Reflexion and strategy
International marketing
Business strategy
UE : Managerial and organizational culture
International human resources management
Project management
Law contracts
UE : Exploratory and elective courses (choose 2 electives)
First foreign language
Invited lectures
Second foreign language
Corporate communication crisis
Doing business in France
Research methods
UE : Professional expertise and research
Option thesis
Option thesis + training period
UE : International management operations
International development
Logistics – custom
Supply chain management (quality management)
UE : Managerial and organizational culture
Strategic partnership
Leadership & organizational behavior
UE : Exploratory and elective courses
First foreign language
Invited lectures
UE : Professional expertise and research
Option thesis
Option thesis + training period
Synthèse professionnelle

Corporate network with companies

Spend one year abroad and obtain a double degree!

Juniata College

Upon successful completion of two semesters in Juniata College during the first year of Master International Management and successful completion of the second year of the Master International Management degree, applicants will receive a Bachelor degree from Juniata College in addition to their Master International Management’s degree

Liverpool Hope University

Upon successful completion of the first year of Master International Management with a distinction pass (12/20), and at least one semester spent in Liverpool Hope University, successful applicants will receive an international MBA from Liverpool Hope University in addition to the Master International Management’s degree.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza)

Upon successful completion of two semesters in Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Global Business Management program (taught in English) during the second year of Master International Management, applicants will receive a Laurea Magistrale in addition to their Master International Management’s degree.

Universidad ESAN (Lima)


  • International manager : you oversee a company’s global operations. You have a keen understanding of the company’s needs abroad as well as the cultural, political and operational challenges and opportunities of foreign markets.
  • Purchasing manager : you buy products for organizations to use or resell. You evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts, and review product quality.
  • Transportation, storage and distribution manager : you plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities.
  • Export manager : you serve as intermediaries between foreign buyers and domestic sellers. Unlike export traders, who buy the products before selling directly to foreign buyers, you find buyers internationally for domestic product manufacturers.
  • Project manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Account manager
  • Staffing officer
  • Operation manager
  • Financial manager of logistics flows and sourcing

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The master’s degree in International Management gives you the keys to develop the professional skills and know the concepts needed in the market. During these two years, we have been focusing on themes related to Business Management including areas such as Marketing, Human Resources, Trade
and Finance. The first year teaches you the theoretical aspects of International Management. During the second year, you have the opportunity to do an apprenticeship in a company or doing a double degree with a partner university in countries such as England, Italy and Peru which I did, spending
this year in Peru. I have been consolidating my knowledge, skills and communication abilities in Esan Graduate School of Business in the Master’s Degree in Empresarial Management in Lima.
This Master Degree gives you the choice to follow your own path developing yourself as a futureleader in an international way.

During these two years we have covered many subjects, (international business as well as human relation aspects). It’s a complete Master’s degree that combines theory, practice, and meetings, with speakers but especially between us. In contact with different cultures, we develop an open mind that allows to think in different ways, we change our perspectives and opinions, we are more adaptable.

Furthermore, work training program has been a way to gain confidence in myself, my abilities, and to develop essential skills to arrive confidently on the job market.

Why did you choose to attend the International Management Master’s program at Université Catholique de Lille?

When I was in Peru, one of my dreams was to work in an international environment, talking in English-French and where I can be able to exchange with professionals from different expertise, too. For that reason, after doing a research, a Master in International Management was the best option. The Universite Catholique de Lille proposes an interesting program since the 1st year, with international professors and invited lecturers who shared their daily experience working in their fields that helped us to understand their careers and eventually, to target what it would be our field of preference later.

How did the master program prepare you for your business career?

The program proposed by the University was complete in terms of international management, and it was perfect to master different domains, such as supply chain, financing, purchasing… In my case, I appreciated the formation related to the strategic management and marketing because it helped me to discover this universe and I felt the interest in working in the development of strategic plans. This is the beginning of my career.

Can you tell us about the type of job you are doing today?

After one year doing my alternance with Leroy Merlin France in marketing, I was proposed to work for ADEO GROUP as Product Community Manager in electricity, at the Direction Synergie Produits Internationale, where I have an international profile. We evaluate all our BU’s (business units) of the 16 enterprises of our group, located in 12 countries around the world, in order to study the real needs within our markets and optimize our product strategies. That’s what we call the synergy or the “construction of international ranges”. We develop the strategic plan in 5 years for our products, and we decide if we co-develop our coming offers with our international suppliers. We also calculate the end-of-year international rebates which allows us to recover our accounting benefits at the end of the year. In other words, my job includes not only numerical and performance analysis, but also to be actively in contact with our Product Managers Leaders in different countries, where we can identify new opportunities for our business.


Haber realizado esta formación en International Management hace 2 años ha sido no solo una gran experiencia profesional, sino también personal pues ha puesto en prueba mi capacidad de adaptación en otra cultura, en un nuevo mundo. Este Master da la bienvenida a todos los estudiantes extranjeros que quieran desarrollarse a nivel internacional. Y asi como me abrió las puertas para pertenecer hoy en dia a una empresa de presencia mundial, tú también podrias tener esta oportunidad!

Head of the Master’s program