Welcome to a University of international repute and to one of its Faculties which offers original and challenging courses: the Faculty of Management, Economics & Sciences.

The FGES is one of the few Faculties allowing its students to follow a wide variety of courses across economics, management, IT and biology, and thus combine multiple skills.

Our students build the course that suits them and broadens their perspectives.

Our educational project is ambitious and it revolutionises the traditional thinking of French universities.

It seeks to be a response to the challenge of a changing world. The student is a key player in their studies, they look to take advantage of international experience, and give free rein to their creativity and undertaking.

This richness of courses, encounters and lessons is a real open door to the world and the diversity which allows everyone to develop at their own pace and according to their personal aspirations.

350 teachers including 40 permanent staff and many associated professionals who provide education adapted to the company
1 research unit and 2 chairs


  • Entry to Bachelors 1 is selective. We attach great importance to the personality of our students.
  • Admissions to Bachelors 2, Bachelors 3 and Masters are selective.
  • Attendance control is systematic.


  • Several pluridisciplinary degrees & master programs: Sciences and Management, Accounting Expertise and Management, Double Course, Management and Law, Economics and Political Sciences, Economics and International Studies, Management and International Studies, Management and Art, Management and Entrepreneurship, Technologies and Management of Sustainable development…
  • Optional subjects to open up complementary disciplines
  • Masters shared by several Faculties of the Catholic University, such as Law and Asset Management or Digital Communication, for example.
22 Bachelors and Masters with internationally recognised national diplomas
1 School of Digital Sciences: EDN
1 School of Expertise and Audit: ISEA


  • The teaching manager supports the student, listening to them to aid their success, their direction and their projects
  • Tutoring for struggling students
  • A workforce on a personal scale
  • Continuous assessment of knowledge
  • There are many educational innovations and various tools at FGES: flipped classroom, interactive lessons, online courses, online assessment, Medialab, Learning Lab, Living Lab, Fab-Lab, Techshop, Maker Faire, mind map, escape game, e-campus, Agora, “smart” exam, problem-based approach, TV set, radio show…
  • Undergraduate theatre courses to develop the ability to communicate
  • Initiative projects in Bachelor 2 or 3 to learn how to manage a project throughout a year
  • An associative life rich in exchanges to open up to others
  • Career guidance coaching
  • Self-knowledge tests
  • Materials to open up to the world
1 Vauban University Library specialises in particular in Law, Economics and Management, Marketing, Sciences, as well as web access to the Network Digital Library.
1 sports complex (football, tennis, table tennis, handball, rugby, volleyball, basketball...)
4 Creative Labs

Our students can study in English with our international courses, take language courses given by native speakers, validate a year in one of the 130 partner universities in 50 countries, train online in English, join the the Bureau de la Vie Internationale (BVI) as volunteers …