A word from the Dean

Elisabetta Magnaghi
Professor, Dean

MAGNAGHI Elisabetta Doyen FGES

The digital revolution, sustainable development and climate change, the public health crisis… the challenges we face in our modern world today are numerous and new; they are forcing businesses and economic actors to question the way they operate, to rethink their business models. A change of trajectory is underway across the globe.

The role of further education institutions is to support this paradigm change by educating, training and preparing the next generation of professionals for the professions of tomorrow.

The ambition of the FGES is to educate and prepare responsible citizens, capable of applying complex, nuanced thinking to the task of both gauging and responding to the challenges facing our society. There are several fundamental principles that guide the day-to-day work and activities of our teams and which serve as the foundation for the very identity of the faculty:

  • The internationalisation of our programmes of study:

The FGES places an internationally oriented approach at the very core of its strategic development and is able to offer international opportunities to its students throughout their courses via its network of more than 130 universities based in more than 50 countries. The range of courses available in English is being expanded each year thanks to both an active policy of recruiting bilingual teaching staff and the introduction and delivery of new educational projects in conjunction with our partners.

  • A multidisciplinary approach:

The FGES also strongly believes in the key importance of multidisciplinary, multi-skilled training and education, and offers mixed study programmes combining economics & management, management & sustainable development and, in particular, management & digital technology from degree level upwards. The aim of these innovative courses is to meet the needs of companies for agile, highly skilled and versatile employees capable of developing a 360° vision of the entire business enterprise.

  • A foot in the corporate world:

From the first year of their degrees, our students undertake several-week long placements in companies: some choose to continue their education in the third year or at masters level by combining study with a work placement. An “entrepreneurship” study route and several “labs” are also provided specifically for students interested in business start-up and creation. The transition from study to the professional world is made faster for our students through the strong ties the alumni network maintains with various economic actors.

  • Research and educational innovation

The FGES has its own research facility named “Smart and Sustainable Cities”, which specialises in business with a social impact and the challenge of exploring the major contemporary transitions now shaping our lives (the energy transition, the move to digital technology, etc.). This research informs the economic, management and science education and training we provide to the students in terms of both content and teaching approach (flipped classrooms, serious games, etc.).

Our students are set to be major players in the world of tomorrow, a world they will construct imbued with the humanist values we share: respect, trust, hope, liberty, responsibility, otherness…

We assist and support them in building their career paths by enabling them to acquire not only knowledge and understanding but also, and above all, know-how and interpersonal skills. We help them become aware of the rich contributions they are capable of making to our society and to lay the first stone in building the future.