An innovative faculty

The Live TREE program

Launched in 2013, Live TREE is the energy and societal transition program of the Université Catholique de Lille. Through a collaborative approach with students, staff, residents, businesses and communities, it aims to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint and transform it into a living laboratory for societal innovation.

Live TREE crosses the disciplines and functions of the university to experiment with energy management, mobility, waste, nature in the city, social participation and new economic models. The innovative solutions focus on the technical and human aspects of the transition and are tested in real conditions on campus.

The Rizomm, our smart building

Built progressively since 1951, the Rizomm building is the heart of the Life Tree Program. Its 1200 sq m of photovoltaic panels enable the Rizomm to produce and self-consume its energy. Come visit us in Lille and we will be happy to let you discover it!

Our innovative teaching methods

To be at the forefront of educational transformation, the Université Catholique de Lille imagines new ways of teaching and learning and sets up transdisciplinary modules and programs. Our students are able to experience these new methods thanks to spaces and projects dedicated to educational innovation. Labs and co-design spaces have been set up to foster collaborative exchanges, catalyse creativity and boost innovation.